Good for results – good for your advertising

Many users report from practical experience that refraction with PASKAL 3D is faster and less stressful to use, and that the values determined lead to significantly better results, and thus fewer complaints.

PASKAL standard test line

Fritz Passmann and Dieter Kalder have developed the PASKAL standard test line, which covers all important aspects of refraction and allows you to refract with much greater speed and efficiency. You can help us with your suggestions, so we can refine the concept dynamically and support your work even better. Please share your experience with us and let us know which tests and functions you feel are still missing.

Suitable filters for phoropters and measuring lenses

Most phoropter manufacturers have already reacted and offer conversion with circular polarised filters. Filters for measuring lenses have already been available for a long time.

EyeTest integrated

PASKAL 3D users can switch directly to the IPRO-EYETEST Apple app and use their iPad for the near vision test.