Learn all about PASKAL 3D.


IPRO PASKAL 3D experience refraction is a refraction system that allows the entire monocular refraction under binocular conditions. The patient sees images separated by circular polarisation for the right and left eye through the entire refraction. The separation takes place in the phoropter and in the measuring lenses via special filters. A 3D monitor is used to display optical test objects, which separates the images, line by line, with circular polarisation.



The PASKAL 3D experience refraction is a refraction system made public in 2014 by IPRO GmbH. The difference to previous refraction is mainly the binocular measurement during the entire refraction process. This is made possible with circular polarised filters, which continuously remain before the eyes of the subject. The display of the optical test objects takes place on a 3D monitor, which is attached to the wall of the refraction room. Along with the standard test lines included, the user also has the option of adding their own lines from the more than 80 sight tests that are also available. These can be seen in the test overview.



To carry out the refraction with PASKAL 3D, along with the software solution, various pieces of hardware are also required. The programme was developed as an app for the Apple iPad, which is why it is crucial this be available. In order to be able to realise the transmission to the 3D television device, a set-top-box called Apple TV is required. In order to be able to wirelessly connect the Apple iPad to the Apple TV, a router with a high-performance WLAN is required. The precise requirements can be found in the Hardwarelist.

The following graphic shows the interaction of the components and connections between the individual devices:



The PASKAL 3D software solution is made up of numerous components that together create a system for monocular refraction under binocular conditions. The following prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to be able to carry out the refraction:

  • Measuring lenses or phoropter with circular polarising filters

  • 3D TV with a screen size of at least 32" attached with a gimballed wall mounting

  • With the 3D TV connected Apple TV

  • iPad with PASKAL 3D app

  • High-performance WLAN for transmission of the images from the iPad to the Apple TV

Your IPRO advisor will be happy to help you with the setting and connection of individual components. However, the assembling of the hardware must be carried out ourselves or trained specialists.



  • Enables monocular refraction under binocular stereoscopic conditions

  • Passive 3D technology thanks to circular polarising filters, i.e. 100% elimination without ghosting

  • Dominance test possible as a screening test before every refraction

  • Over 80 tests in ten different categories

  • Own individual test lines can be created

  • Predefined test line for an efficient refraction process

  • Info available for every test

  • Switch allocation from right to left

  • Randomisation of the optical test objects

  • Magnification/reduction of the optotypes

  • MKH optionally without background in order to avoid additional irritations

  • Simple selection of various optotypes via a button

  • Setting options to respective refraction distance incl. mirror reading