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Frequently asked questions



What does circular polarisation mean?

Circular polarisation is fully explained here.

Where can PASKAL 3D experience refraction be viewed before buying?

PasKal3D is presented at WVAO, IVBV and other exhibitions. It is also possible to arrange a presentation at IPRO in Leonberg. Dieter Kalder and Fritz Paßmann can also present the programme and arrange appointments.

What distance does the 3D TV have to be from the patient?

For the recommended TV (32") the refraction distance can be 4 to 6.5 metres. At a distance of more than 6.5 metres a larger TV is required.

Is a mirror reading possible if the refraction room is less than four metres in length?

The mirroring does not alter the 3D effect, however, it must be ensured the size of the mirror is half as big as the width of the 3D TV in order to be able to see the entire image.

What landscape is shown in the PASKAL 3D background image?

The image shows the Teton Range mountain range in Grand Teton National Park, located in western Wyoming. The largest mountain pictured is called Mt. Moran, which measures 3,842 m at its peak.



What is the precise identification of the recommended television?

We currently test with the LG Smart TV 3D 32LF6509.

How is the 3D TV attached to the wall?

A so-called VESA support is necessary for mounting, making it possible to point the screen in all directions (gimbal mounting). The support is included in the IPRO screen offer. The wall must be sufficiently stable, of course.

At what height does the 3D TV VESA adapter have to be attached?

The wall mounting should be attached at roughly the height of the eyes of the subject.

Can the current optical test object display stay?

It is possible to use two systems in parallel. However, this requires a special wall mounting in order to be able to fold the 3D television in front of the optical test object display.

What prerequisites must the available iPad fulfil?

There are no special prerequisites to be able to use PASKAL 3D. However, it should not be a first or second generation iPad.

Where can I find feet for holding the iPad?

There are a number of offers for holding the iPad.

Does an additional polarising filter have to be attached to the phoropter?

  • Mailshop: Huvitz phoropter conversion possible, AO phoropter conversion possible

  • Topcon: CV-5000XP, CV-5000PRO and CV-5000S already include circular polarisation filters; in the CV-5000 these can be added. Older models such as the CV-3000 cannot be upgraded.

  • Kalder information: Reichert-Schwind-Visusstar is an AO type and is converted by MailShop

  • Bon information: An offer for the DR 900 is being worked on. Approval is to follow soon.

Are matching polarising filter attachments also available for measuring lenses?

IAMI measuring lens fit the normal insertion glasses, Topcon/Essilor offer their own circular polarising glasses; Oculus now also has circular polarising measuring lenses for the UB 4 and UB 5.

Can the Apple TV be attached to the wall behind the 3D TV or does that disrupt the WLAN connection?

In order to guarantee the best-possible signal, we recommend fitting next to the 3D TV.

Is there a wall mounting available for the Apple TV?

The Apple TV is a small box. We recommend you attach it to the screen using the HDMI cable in such a way that it is visible from the front. It does not have its own wall mounting. The box dangles from the cable.



Are there maintenance fees when buying the PASKAL 3D software solution?


What do future updates cost?

All updates up to the end of 2015 are included in the software price.

Is it possible to use PASKAL 3D in numerous refraction rooms at once?

Yes, although an individual licence is required for each individual system.

Does PASKAL 3D also work on the iPad Mini?

PASKAL 3D experience refraction also works on the iPad Mini. However, the operation is not quite as elegant as the buttons are smaller.

Can PASKAL 3D be used by numerous iPads?

The app itself can be installed on numerous devices. However, the functionality is limited to the four first tests on the standard test line. By entering a serial number the full functionality is unlocked. Every serial number can be used on just one device.

Does PASKAL 3D also have the cyclofusion test?

This is not required with PASKAL 3D, since the background image is locked by the parallaxes (lateral disparity).